Screwed Kenosha Style

Washington D.C.
This is not Nazi America, ... or is it?

Because of all the Corruption that I witnessed and received from the Kenosha Court System, I decided to go to the top. I had tried the Wisconsin channels like the WI Judicial Commission and could never get anywhere. I believe they are bought out by the Judge.

After going to the Congress. org website, I found a Congress at your fingertips bokklet. Here is a little sample of what I ordered.

Early Guide
Wisconsin Senators Wisconsin Representative D.C. map


Once in my hands I spent a good part of the end of December writing to many Congressmen. In the booklet is a list with room numbers, on the special committees for the Senate and the House. I sent letters to several of them. The ones I really focused on are thJudiciary Committees both of them.

Then I decided this January 2007 to drive to D.C. with my advertising van. I believe I accomplished more with $500 in taking this trip, than I did hiring worthless Ward.

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