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is only a crime, if you are not a Judge. A Circuit Court Judge has changed transcripts, deprived Hearings by running out of her courtroom just before the session begins, slanders the victim with false information and numbers, sentences the victim to jail on the basis of her own slanderous statements, refuses to even just look at documented facts and even refuses to uphold the Wisconsin Statutes, but intentionally over rides them with laws of her own. She has become somewhat of a God by being unaccountable to anybody and defying any Statute Law she chooses.

Before I went to jail I contacted the Judicial Commission with some of the complaints I just mentioned. Click here for the response received. I responded back to James C. Alexander, Executive Director of the Judicial Commission and told him that the judicial misconduct is exactly what I am talking about. Click here for the copy of my acceptance of a September 2nd court hearing. I updated him about Judge Wagner running out of the courtroom as I entered. He responded again by saying it is permissible for a Judge to leave the room during a hearing. I responded and said she left the room before the hearing even began. Click Here for the postcard I just sent him. I will soon display the list of names and agencies I have contacted. No response as of yet.

Are there people in these agencies that are protecting Judges like Wagner, regardless of the judicial misconduct they do?

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March 26, 2004


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