Screwed Kenosha Style

Luxury or Necessity ?

Dear Judge Bruce E. Schroeder,
I would like to discuss the comment you made about self-employment being a luxury and that you will insist that I get another job. You might be right about the luxury part, but then I must also explain to you that it might a necessity for me.

How is it that you have forgotten so quickly about my medical condition? You did know mat I had Lyme Disease and that I was in the Emergency Room twice last year. Skeptics would love to minimize or categorize all patients/victims into the same bracket. That comment would be the same as to say that I have seen a lot of car accidents and all the people lived, therefore all accidents are survivable. How absurd! Have you known a Lyme Disease patient whose joints swelled up so much that they couldn't walk, not even with crutches for an entire week? With all the pain it isn't much fun. Fortunately I have not been like some cases where it killed the person. Some cases are less intense than mine and some are worse.

The thing I want to inform you about is the symptoms. For the more serious cases there is an extreme dead tiredness that attacks often. Today, August 30, was one of my worst tired days. It is in the middle of the day and I have spent almost three hours in the van already. About three hours ago this deathly grip of tiredness came over me that I couldn't resist. It is dangerous to try pushing it if I was driving. I would fall asleep behind the wheel. I crumble in my tracks if I try working and become accident prone. If you don't believe me, ask my five children that have witnessed me often in that condition.

Today was an extremely drowsy day and I needed to reset the alarm clock in my van several times. It took over two hours to pull out of mat sleepy death grip. And yes, I do get about eight hours of sleep at night to be able to function. Note also that on most days though a twenty minute nap when my body demands it is sufficient and I feel fine after that.

Another condition with Lyme Disease is stiff and painful joints. When I am cold or wet I become miserable and can't hardly lift my arms to comb my hair if I had any. I am like a walking barometer. The Summer months are my best and when I hurt the least

And then third, I also told you my diabetic disorder. I get an attack about bi-weekly and need to immediately stagger back to my van to get something to eat. I wonder what a boss would say if on my first hour of work I head for my lunch box and will be gone for about fifteen minutes.

Now let us reason with the poor economy and employment situation. The economy is poor with almost nobody hiring but layoffs is the normal. House foreclosures is at an all time high. Defaulting on loans is very common. Good jobs are few with a stack of applications if there is one. I believe this Country is heading for a depression like the 30's.

You told me to quit my tree cutting business and get a job. Can you tell me how many jobs are out there that would allow me to sleep twenty minutes every time my body demands it? I would be fired. Right now I don't work by the hour but by the job or how much work I produce. What you call a luxury, is actually a necessity. In tree cutting I can get my hours in but impossible for me if I had to punch a time clock. Where can I find a job like that?

If I was forced out of tree cutting, there would be two possibilities for my well being. If the courts false imprison me again or destroy my position in the career that I can do to support myself, the first chance at survival is by a Lawsuit against Kenosha. By being physically active in my work has allowed me to put resistance against letting my joints to stiffen up permanently. So if I was imprisoned wrongfully again I would qualify for disability when I got out Kenosha could pay for that and maybe for the rest of my life. Maybe I could get all the medical attention while in jail, and if I don't get it then I might be able to sue for medical neglect since I was totally dependent on them. Lyme Disease has put some athletes into wheelchairs.

My second hope of finances is what I am excited about. My co-author is just about finished with the book about the cult that you favor. It is an intense and in depth study on the dangers of that cult. It is filled with many stories of murder, suicide, homicide, child abuse and mind control that this cult has done. I hope it becomes a best seller. I at least expect that it will make anybody that favored that group look pretty stupid for being deceived by them.

My motivation for writing this book was for exposing the vile things and practices of this group to warn people of them. Additional income from the book is not my motivation and only wishful thinking at this point. However if it becomes a success I might pursue yet another book dealing with the gender bias and Communistic resemblance and conspiracy in me American Courts. I will weave enough true stories throughout it to keep the readers interested.

The greatest mockery to Justice is the non-Justice in how a Judge can hide from her 2nd DUI, and didn't need to serve jail time for it. Maybe if 1 become loud and boisterous enough with this information, maybe she might still have to serve her time. As long as I am limited to such a short time with my children, I have plenty of time to propagate this information. If I went to jail, it would give me 24/7 to talk to people that arc serving time for the same crime that a Judge could side step and buy herself secrecy and immunity to the Law.

As long as I don't get what I want which I am entitled to, I will continue to proclaim at what I saw on a special computer screen in the basement of the building across the street West of the Kenosha Court House. I couldn't memorize everything but these things I do remember. It was like a traffic violation stating WI vs. Mary Kay Wagner. The address threw me off because I thought at the time that the Judge lived in Paddock Lake. Later I find out that it was not so and that the addresses matched. Could it be a daughter with the same name? No because her Birthday was a few years older than mine. And now the clincher is that if it wasn't the Judge than why all the secret access codes to get to the page that I saw? That violation does not come up on regular searches. Why? (see more details on my website)

I believe 1 have answered some questions, revealed some information, and exposed some of my plans that motivate me. I plan on seeing you on Sept, 13th prepared for your disposal of me. I just need to contact Bill O'Rielly and Shawn Hannity before I come. See you then.

Sincerely yours,
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