Screwed Kenosha Style

Shereen vs. Bernie

According to the mail I recently received I was given 15 days to respond to be able to contest it. This is my reply and I hope it has enough information. The move consist of about a 15 hour drive one way from my residence. That is a large sacrifice to see my children for just the 1 1/2 days that the courts for
the last five years have refused to modify even though the statutes allow it. Almost all of Shereen's and my relatives reside in Minnesota. The two oldest children which have been in my primary placement from the beginning, have established themselves in MN.

Each month for the past five years I have tried my best to bring all seven siblings together during my 1 1/2 days placement with the other five children. Usually the two oldest can't take Fridays off because of work and college commitments, and therefore can't drive with me to get the children. Because of that, technically the siblings since 2002 have only seen each other on the average from Friday evening to Saturday at noon and only once a month. If the courts favor the move to Ohio, even that meager amount of time would be destroyed for them.

The two boys are established in Minnesota with work and college and would not be able to make the journey to Ohio each month. As for myself concerning the five younger children I will do my best to make the trip for I will keep fighting for them. However I can not abandon the two oldest either like their mother did to them and move to Ohio. Why should I abandon them too, move far away from any friends or relatives by myself, just so T can be with my five children for only 1 1/2 days a month?

I would be spending an enormous amount of time and money traveling, just to exercise my civil rights that have already been violated against drastically. If the courts should favor that move, then I will turn my life's purpose into a mission beyond anything I have ever done before. The cult and the courts
will get publicity beyond anything they have experienced before.

Back in January 2007, a couple of politicians told me that I should back off of my website and see if I couldn't gain more with honey than vinegar. All 1 can say now is that they were wrong and that I made a mistake letting the website go dormant for over six months. It is time to put my signs back up and start
updating what the judges, courts, and cult is doing.

There are two things that the authorities, the general public, voters, and website readers must notice and consider. Shereen is not moving to Ohio because she was offered a high paying job where she could utilize her four year college education. That is not the situation. Her reason for moving is to move closer
to a larger congregation of the cult that she is involved with. They have some extreme fanatical beliefs. For the next following paragraphs, if you don't know what I am talking about you will need to read my website with the articles pertaining to this cult. Also link over to the other websites that are dedicated to exposing the corruption of this cult.

For Judge Schroeder to encourage that move would mean that he believes that it would be in the best interest of my children to be in a group that practices these fanatical beliefs. He must approve of the time that at least two of the cult's members murdered another member of theirs, which was married and had
six children. His baby was only I think about one week and one day old. The Judge must also approve of the many suicides within that group. He must approve of the homicide that was done to the eleven month old baby. He must approve with all the child abuse taught and practiced in that group. He already told me that he didn't object to children getting beat with sawed off golf clubs.(read website)

Judge Schroeder must have a disapproval on the Police and Social Workers that had to tear the one cult family apart. This family of this cult was practicing the teachings of this cult and the authorities got wind of it and considered it child abuse. Does Judge Schroeder say, "Beat those children again with
sawed golf clubs."? The second thing I want my readers to know is based on my suspicion. However my suspicion is reinforced by comments I heard from prominent people of Kenosha. One comment came from an individual that receives their income from the city of Kenosha, sort of. They admitted that all or about all
of the Kenosha judges can be bought. And that is the reason I believe that my civil rights have been violated so excessively against me. I believe there is a secret money trail from the cult to the pockets of the Judges. Why do I believe that? The most offensive book in the Kenosha court room for my case are the Wisconsin Statutes. The Judges have refused to go by them and have silenced me usually when 1 try to bring the statutes that apply to me up. The Judges have spoken from opinions and their own thoughts which are sometimes quite different from the statutes. I can prove that when I get to the Federal level Civil Courts. A class action lawsuit is in the making.

Composing this Letter Of Contest To Relocation, will be harshly taken by the courts and Judge. I know 1 will not gain favor by him for it. I am not given a choice because of the bias in the court room against me. A bought out court system and Judge will rule against me either way, if I wrote this letter or 1 hadn't. 1 would think 1 would have a better chance at getting partial justice if they get this letter as is. They will get publicity!

I have no choice in the battle pieces that are placed upon me. My only choice I have is how violent I will play this corrupt game with what gets dealt to me. Let not my enemies triumph and rejoice if this move transpires. I will not consider it a defeat against me and a victory for them. Instead it will become my zeal and purpose in life to see if I can make what they call a victory, their greatest defeat they have ever known. The website will spread and there will be a lot of publicity. I can not control the next action. All I will do is a large reaction and not available to discuss the details now.

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