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Other Victims with Websites
I'm hearing from other victims with websites, which begs the question...
Just what's going on here?

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FACTNET.ORG has an ongoing discussion about the Cult

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This site is being made to expose a corruptive "system" of justices, or lack thereof, of my fiance's children, who are being left in an abusive situation in Missouri.

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To show you the denial of fundamental rights by judges and lawyers who place themselves not only above the law, but beyond the law, with actual cases of individuals, stories of lawyers and judges who failed to conform, and with reports issued by courts and by organizations, demonstrating an urgent need for judicial reform in the civil justice system, which has been converted into a lucrative fee operation.

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Wisconsin Fathers
Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families

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Coalition of Fathers
American Coalition of Fathers and Children

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Wisconsin Courts:
How to file an Appeal

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Welcome to Round #2: nationwide NCP lawsuits
directly against the COUNTIES.


You know about the nationwide NCP classactions filed directly against the STATES.
Now - welcome to Round #2: nationwide NCP lawsuits directly against the COUNTIES.

While many federal judges did violate their oath of office, dismissing their STATE classaction by choosing to ignore clear statutory law that automatically waives immunity of a state, there are, actually, a handful of these previous classactions still pending in the lower federal district
courts, and there also are, as of this writing, at least three of the illegally dismissed classactions against the states now under appeal in the higher federal courts.

But, that's no reason to wait on launching Round #2...

Suing a STATE, at all, let alone for damages, is difficult, although it actually can be done. However, suing a city or a town or a COUNTY for violations of rights, and for damages, is well established in this country, and can easily be done. In fact, it is done almost every day, somewhere in this country. Moreover, cities and towns and counties do not have any immunity to being sued, which blows away the very notion of dismissing for immunity...

On our revamped website, you can find out about the new NCP classactions against the 3142
USA counties:
- details about the claims, arguments, and damages, etc.
- details about how to start a county classaction lawsuit.
- details about how to find other NCPs from the same county.
- checking to see the status for a particular county.

In fact, a few people got early wind of Round #2, and volunteers are already beginning to select their counties...


Please distribute this information as widely as possible... TODAY...
Ideally, there should be a team filing against each of the 3142 USA counties.

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