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February 2005 Update:

The poster (click here) I wish could be circulated to every mailing address at least in Kenosha. Other points of interest, clarification, and things to consider.

*While all this is happening, don't forget your tax dollar is being spent on my Ex. sitting at home on welfare and also on my room & board at the County Jail. Did Judge Wagner ask you if she could spend your money that way?

*It is tax time now. It appears at an early glance that after expense for chainsaw supplies and such, I might have made an Adjusted Gross Income for 2004. Maybe about $5,000.00. But child support and interest on the arrears might have been close to $15,000.00 for 2d004. Don't forget I have two boys which my Ex. hasn't paid me a penny in support.

January 2004 - worked, had my children 1 1/2 days
February 2004 - worked, had my children 1 1/2 days
March 2004 - worked, on the weekend that I was supposed to get my children - Judge Wagner put me in jail (March 26th)
April 2004 - Jail
May 2004 - Jail, established homepage on this website.
June 2004 - Jail, applied for Appeals Court, the last week of JUne, Wagner released me from the full six months jail she originally sentenced.
July d2004 - Mostly looking for work, children sick so I couldn't get them.
August 2004 - established full time steady employment, expanded my website, my Ex. refused me the children for my one week in the summer although it was part of our marital settlement agreement. She said I need to get them later in the year because she has too many things to do with them in the summer. I requested a court hearing.
September 2004 - On the 2nd I went to my hearing that was set up by the courts. I had seen Judge Mary K. Wagner for about 5 seconds as she fled from the courtroom when I entered. Five minutes later I was in handcuffs going to jail.
October 2004 - Jail
November 2004 - Jail, released November 24th, had my children my 1 1/2 days.
December 2004 - Looking for work again, asked my Ex. for when I could have my children for the full one week - she told me that it was supposed to be in the summer, not now. I did get them for my 1 1/2 days though. Acquired steady employment again a couple days before the end of the year.
January 2005 - Worked eight days a week (felt that way) got children 1 1/2 days.
February 2005 - Work so far, Income tax!! Poverty!

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