Screwed Kenosha Style

The Forked-Tongue Derailment
(of the Police, Investigators, Media, General Public and possibly & YOU!)

I have never seen a group of people, that have successfully derailed so many people before, for such a long time. I am not trying to embarrass the "derailed" because they were so easily deceived and therefore seemingly gullible. If gullible is the trait word used to describe the mind or individual, which accepts the words that this Cult speaks as being the honest truth for the face value, than I must be the most simple minded person. I was deceived by the words of the Cult so much, that I had once been a member of this group for almost ten years.

In this article I want to inform and teach you how this group thinks. To confirm the things I am saying you will need to check out the references or directions I give you.

First let us look at the rules. Now let us look at the defense of these rules. Turn now to the Kenosha News article and scroll down to the heading "Pastor defends church." We need to consider what O'Shea meant or said in "I don't believe in rules" and that he doesn't have any for its members.

Go to the Gospel Trumpet (Nov-Dec issue), and turn to page five. There Caitlin O'Shea, his eight year old daughter, names off a few thing which are on the rules sheet. Did she just make up some things from her imagination that nobody ever even thought about or was she repeating something that was taught? Then on page twelve, football is classified with other worldly idols. Does it fit the rules sheet or does it fit with what O'Shea said about "no rules?" Does it appear that he is lying or trying to deceive?

Now look at the last highlighted sentence on page twelve. "If you see a loose, ungoverned people who are so "free" that there is no law, then judge them bound..." Does not that contradict with what O'Shea said about no rules?

Turn to the excommunication letter, second page, last sentence of first paragraph. "Any among us who do not fully comply with and obey this ban against you will come under the same until they repent." Read the entire letter and let me know how that could not be a rule. Was Pat O'Shea lying when he said thee are NO Rule? Why do all other churches and organizations have rules and yet O'Shea doesn't have any?

Forked tongued snake photoLike I already said, I am writing this article to educate the reader on how this Cult thinks and says things. The Cult is like a Serpent with a forked-tongue. Most people understand the right side of the tongue, but unknowingly they are actually listening to them speaking something totally different out of the left side. Let me explain.

Turn to the Kenosha News again to the "Pastor defends Church" section. I am presuming that O'Shea was asked about the accusation I have about him beating my boys with the paddle he made. He answered by saying, "Never, Never, Never,"... "If I saw one of those (a stick being used on a child), I would cut it up and throw it away."

Now if you believe the tongue on the right side for what it sounds like, then you are derailed. On the surface he answered in such a way that you are compelled to think he is a mild man that couldn't even lovingly discipline a child. However, this example is a simple one to see through, since his wife in the following paragraphs exposed the left side of this forked tongue fraud. Notice also how smoothly Pat O'Shea didn't even answer the question. He didn't answer if he beat any child with an object, but just said what he would do with the paddle now since he is being questioned. Take note of that style of deception.

My first harsh awakening to this Cult was when Ralph Salz died. He had been a member when he had a stroke while living in the assistant pastor's house. The Church "Brothers" took care of him for about two weeks, since he was mostly paralyzed or at least unable to move. I will never forget the night that he died. At the time my family and I lived in the upstairs of that house. My wife and I were awakened and told that Salz just passed away.

Pastor & Assistant Pastor's homes

Downstairs we viewed the freshly deceased body. Pat O'Shea then called Danny Layne in California. I was there. I heard the conversation. I witnessed it all. Through the years the Cult has learned that you don't ever call the Police in a situation like this. (Rick Ross/Church of God Restoration) The proper evasive technique must be to call the ambulance. However, if the ambulance was called now then CPR would be administered, which would be against their beliefs. The decision between both Pastors was to let the body cool down before that phone call would be made.

We intentionally waited for about an hour before Pat O'Shea called Danny Layne back. Locked in my mind is still the sights and experience of how O'Shea had one hand on the phone, while his other hand was on the forehead of the corpse. He was telling Danny Layne, that the body has cooled down now. Next the decision was made to carry my sleeping children out of this house, over to O'Shea's house right next door before calling the Police. They need to hide all evidences or any other diversions of interest or questionings.

If the body has been dead for at least an hour, would you agree with me that it would be deceptive to call 911 then? I remember a Policeman telling O'Shea that it appeared that the body has been dead for a while. He then asked why wasn't 911 called any sooner?

If Pat O'Shea would have practiced what he preached from the pulpit, he would have told them that he intentionally cooled the body down so no CPR could be done. Instead he deceived and derailed them by saying that his family and church members were quickly called to decide what to do next. It was because everyone had to wake up and get dressed, before we could decide to call 911. A little time must have slipped by in that process.

It was at that moment that I realized I am involved with a group whose ministry is the best forked-tongue deceivers I have ever seen. He didn't lie by telling the authorities false information. He just derailed them by giving true information and worded it in such a way to make them think that life was a scramble around here before they came. Truth was we sat and just waited for about an hour for the body to cool down.

Shortly before Pat O'Shea ripped my family apart, he and I had several discussions or moderate arguments. I remember confronting him of the deceptive comment he made to the Police that night. His reply to me about that, was that he doesn't really remember exactly the conversation any more and what was said to make any comment now.

Stop and think now of a half an hour conversation you had with someone at least a year or two ago. Can you write down every word, word for word, the entire conversation , as if it had been edited from a tape recording" No? Then you (according to the Cult) could honestly "fork tongue" it, by saying you don't really remember exactly what was said. It is "Cult" truth, regardless that it is deceptive and designed to derail the thinking pattern of the inquirer.

Also the concept of the thinking pattern is hinging on multiple definitions for a word or differentiated between several words which we would consider the same. They are professionals at it, since they don't lie and capable of derailing the elite. (Matthew 24:24) They even program the children to be able to speak this crafty and deceptive language.

I was part of it and know & had seen some of their deceptive ways. However, about two months ago, even my five children just about derailed me. During a time when I had them, they tried reproving me for labeling their group as a Cult and asked me why I did that. I started listing my reasons and as soon as I mentioned that the group beats their children, they immediately started arguing that it wasn't true.

They insisted that they don't ever remember Mommy beating them. I said I remember Mom beating all of you several times. No, Mommy has never beat us. I couldn't believe it. Have they simply forgotten the instances? Or are they lying now? But the group doesn't lie, for you go to hell if you do!

"Rachel, don't you remember the time that Mom beat all of you for not going to bed that one time? No, I don't remember, Mom ever beating us. Rachel, did you forget how you jumped back and forth across the pillow end of the bed while Mom raced around the foot end of the bed beating you once or twice before you jumped to the other side? Mom, never beat us!"

Suzy, did you forget too, how Mommy beat you in the bathroom? I don't remember Mom ever beating me. How can the facts be forgotten? What kind of brainwashing happened? How did they forget my vivid memories?

Steve, did you also forget how you were beat black and blue by Mom? Mom didn't beat me. Crazy! I was exhausted from trying to remind them of all the abuse I remember so clearly. How could the Cult train my children to lie without feeling guilty or did the Cult somehow make their memory go blank?

Then by accident and not by wisdom on my part, I changed my wording. So children, you all are convinced that you never got a spanking in your life? It was then that they said, "Well, spanking is different. The Bible even instructs to spank."

By accident I cracked this forked-tongue deception and derailment. The Cult refers to themselves as the Saints. If a Saint inflicts pain to a child to curb them to go to heaven , it is not a beating. They might inflict pain to the child until they are black and blue or maybe even break their bones, but that will not be considered to be a beating. Beatings are done by people that don't join their group., but it is never done by one of them.

Now what about the forked-tonguedness in the area of sickness or death? This pertains to the Suicide and Murder article. I received an Email from someone that asked me if I had anymore information on Jerry Tinsman. They were told that Jerry was born with some rare heart weakness or ailment. People with that heart problem rarely get very old. And then the comment or indication was made that Jerry actually died from heart complications. Could that be the truth? Deception?

What would happen to you, if you slashed your wrists and let your blood drain out? With or without that born heart weakness, would you die from heart complications? Yes, the heart would have complications trying to pump blood that isn't there.

Read the Rick Ross articles on the baby's death and where they said, "We didn't know how sick the child was." To the untrained normal person, the compelling reaction to that comment is to feel sorry for them. They didn't know, they made a mistake. However, I was in Kenosha when Danny Layne was holding church services there for a week when he requested urgent prayer. He told the congregation that unless the Saints get a hold of God, that baby could die, which it did a few days later.

So how can a person evaluate what their left tongue was actually saying?.. without lying? None of us know the exact minute we will die. Someone of us reading this article could drop dead from a heart attack the next minute. Many Cancer victims didn't know they were sick until they were infested with it. None of us therefore know how sick we are to be able to proclaim that they will live another minute, another year, or another decade. We can only guess at how sick we are, but that was not the question asked or answer given.

The group is also very secretive. Most of the violations, conflicts, or confrontations with the law or others are secrets. and kept from the typical member. One of their preachers, Susan Mutch had a medial C-section. Listen to a small bit of her style of preaching in Judgments to Come.

I understand that she had been in labor for a long time, and conditions were getting serious. She would have died that day if it hadn't been for her husband and what the Cult calls a back sliding minister. They rushed her to the hospital in time to save her life, but too late for the baby. I have a lot of respect for those two men., regardless that the Cult condemns them. The part that is typical for the Cult is that most of their group doesn't know about it.

The part of the group that knows about it like myself, probably never heard the details. How and when did the baby die? etc. Did the baby die when Susan Mutch was still in control and responsible for her decision concerning the Baby and the Medical status on it. Or did it die later when she was almost dead and "rescued" by those two men that have been Cult rejected for it? Has the Baby's death ever been investigated? My opinion is that if anybody should be charged with the baby's death, it should be the one that refused or rejected medical attention and not the rescuers.

Another violation of their dating rules and the two teenagers that broke them, is very secret too. The pastor of the Kenosha's Cult is Pat O'Shea, who has a son named Bill. The assistant pastor was James DeGraffenreid, who had a daughter named Laura. Bill and Laura had an attraction for each other and broke one of the rules on the sheet, (that Pat O'Shea denies). O'Shea said that there are NO rules for his congregation! Ask him then why was some serious unrest and decisions being made during that time? At first either the DeGraffenreids or the O'Shea's needed to move to some other congregation.

O'Shea was seriously considering to move to Louisiana. The outcome was that they took Laura and shipped her away by plane to California to stay in a Cult member's home there.

James DeGraffenreid a few years earlier left his wife, Brenda, in Lebanon, MO. when she decided not to follow the Cult and it's ways. Anyway, when Brenda made her typical phone call to her children in Kenosha, she couldn't reach Laura and wasn't told of where she was. James withheld the information and so she called the Kenosha Police, I believe.

I was there when the Police came and searched the house. They couldn't find her. James withheld the information from the police too. The Cult leaders even withheld it from us too, and therefore I couldn't even give the secret information to the Police. That is the way the Cult operates secretly and by shipping people in "trouble" to another state. Read the Rick Ross letters!

Ask Pat O'Shea why did all of this happen, if it wasn't for the boyfriend/girlfriend violation. If it wasn't for the breaking of the rules, why did that happen? Within a short time Laura basically said bologna with this and went back to her mother in MO. Apart from the Cult ministry do you think even 1% of it's members ever heard of the Bill and Laura love affair that got caught for passing each other notes? But there are no rules!? Did he mean that there are No rules for their preachers to lie?

I thought how appropriate, portrayed is their whole program, when I saw their website. I checked up on it one time earlier and saw their home page. It consisted of some writing of how they are seeking for the sincere and honest souls, which was right underneath a picture. On top was this picture of a mountain peak in the clouds with a city built on it.

Oh, how pretty or should I say pretty deceptive? why? Because the picture was incomplete from the way I first saw it. I remembered it with a lot of churches named below that cloud. However, if they installed the entire picture, it might shy way the fish they are trying to catch. But that is the way they operate. Throwing out partial truth and fragments to catch or derail according to their deceptive motives. Check out the full picture on page three of the Nov-Dec issue.

After I started installing their propaganda on my web site I have been dropped from their mailing list. Also, I couldn't find the half-picture anymore on their site.

If you are a seeker and ask whatever question to them, they probably will deceitfully respond like that half-picture, half-truth and give you the above cloud answer that you actually want to hear. However, below the surface is the full truth which you will not see, because they purposely deceptively (fork-tongue), are urging you to bite that derailment hook... and then they caught you!

Did they catch you? They appear nice, tender and harmless. They seem "Honest as the day is long" (North Pole, December Day!) They have a lot of good stuff, truth and a lot of nice people. However, they have deceptively caught and derailed a lot of people, including Police, Investigators, Reporters and Judges.

How many have they derailed? It doesn't appear that the Canadian Judge Eleanor Schnall (Rick Ross articles) has been derailed.

However, others like Judge Mary K. Wagner have been caught, derailed and are catering to the Cults desires. Each time somebody new is caught and derailed, it usually creates another victim and more blood on the hands of the Cult.

Suppose the newly caught individual (recruit) is married and their spouse does not like the ways of the Cult, there is "blood-shed" waiting to happen. Many marriages and families are ripped apart because the counseling of the ministry of this Cult has told one of the spouses to leave the other. My marriage was not the first or the only one destroyed by them. The list is long and probably over a hundred that they have split or tried to split. In Kenosha alone, of the five marriages represented in that congregation, three of them are busted up because of the Cult. (My Ex. is one of the three) Is that of God?

Looking back I now realize that my marriage was planned for destruction by the Cult when I wrote a certain article and gave it to the ministry. The article was using the Bible and intellectual reasoning to debunk their core beliefs and teachings that they are the one and only true church. They used often the verse - "Try the spirit...," and challenged you to try it on them. I did, and found them short and lacking from the truth. They didn't like my Try the Spirit article and knew that they had to silence me because I was a harmful free-thinker and dangerous to their group and agenda. My timeline article was about things that began there after.

So now I warned you not to believe the surface words they say and use. Also don't be deceived and derailed by their many good and nice things they portray. Go visit their services and they will be eager to go out of their way to serve you with smiles, food, beverages (not caffeine though!) and answers that keep them usually looking attractive to you... If they suspect that you might bite their hook and start following them. They might even put the word "Brother" or "Sister" in front of your name. Does not that bait look good?

But don't be deceived. That title and your salvation immediately gets put on a piece of velcro and put on the front of your shirt. If you don't cooperate according to their rules the way they think you should both of those velcro things are removed very quickly by them. and then your troubles begin by agonizing mentally over if they removed the interior relationship you had with God before you met that group. The outcome is usually a full scale derailment. The velcro idea I gave will be denied by them. Read the Mar-April issue, page six, and then when they deny the velcro comment, consider if they are liars.

Finally, I would like to explain the left-tongue possibility of some real, non fiction, specific, right tongue statements. You can find the "New" reformed Church Statements in the Rick Ross files, in the Church alters position on care, discipline article. Note that there are two sets of "Whereas followed with "resolved."

It sounds so beautiful to hear the right-tongue say, "the ministry shall advise the parents/guardians of their legal requirements and allow seeking of medial means for the child according to the law of the land."

Now left-tongue and questions.

Some of the definitions for "advise" is to give counsel to offer an opinion all the way to recommend. However, when the right tongue spoke, how many of us believed or wanted to believe that the replacement word for advise was a more aggressive word like --encourage, urge or demand to seek medical attention? But that is not what it is saying, in fact the sentence runs out of steam and actually separates the sentence in two parts.

The first part could mean, they give you an opinion of your legal requirements... which you know anyway. The second part is the allowing to get medical help. Are they saying that they didn't allow it before? They allowed it before, if you didn't mind being considered a weak Christian among the group. You could do it then and you can do it now. What part of the new reform has changed?

Let us look at the second part (whereas/resolved). Read the whereas part that they are abhorred at child abuse. Their left-tongue immediately differentiates that inflicting pain upon a child, with a wide range of "tools," by the hands of a Saint, to curb the child to heaven;.. it is Not abuse or considered a Beating. It is simply discipline and a heavenly training regardless if the child gets black & blue marks. They would consider it abuse, if the parent didn't inflict pain to try to curb the child from hell bound behavior.

Now read the paragraph-long sentence of the "Resolved." Once again the weak word advise and not enforce or demand, is being used. Did the word "spanking" get a substitute word that gets their approval and spanking and beating categorized as the same? How often is the "last resort?" Spanking under the new reform has to be done in a loving way, without anger, "along with the rest of the paragraph. Before this new reform did they spank in a hateful way, with much anger? What part of this whole thing has changed? Have some of the definitions maybe changed?

I am just curious at how many authorities have been derailed by this smoothly worded, new reform statement. They impress me at how they can do that, without using or giving false information which would be a lie. And don't forget, they don't lie. It is your fault for misunderstanding them! Right?


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