Screwed Kenosha Style

September 25, 2007

Dear Judge Bruce Schroeder,

I am so sorry that I was misunderstood in my writings to you as being physically violent. I hope that I explained myself in the courtroom that it will always be only by word or pen. You demanded that I get another job. Judge Wagner had once demanded the same thing from me. She declared that any job is better than what I was doing. However after I got a steady $10 per hour job, she rejected it and threw me in jail. She didnt like the amount of child support that job would bring if calculations would be based on that. I dont want to fall into that same foul play again. So what caliber of income are you demanding from me to find? Whatever amount you state, would you adjust the child support according to that? I am requesting from you in writing the dollar amount per hour that you demand of me. I need it soon so I can search for a job with your demands in mind.

The reason I filed for a Federal Lawsuit is because of the contradictions between the Wl Statutes and what I hear in court. The letter from my accountant, which has been in the courts files since about 2002, clearly states that my income was about $20,000 per year. However mistakes were made in court that has framed me with $40,000 which is double of reality. The Statutes state that Judges have the power to change the mistakes. However all Judges have refused that Statute and denied my Civil Right for a fair trial and "due process". When I brought the error up you said it wasn't an error but a mistake. Are they not the same thing, and why are you not interested in correcting the mistake? Have you received money to not correct it? What if the mistake was a million dollars? Would you always refuse to recalculate the mistake? Would you always keep me in contempt for not paying 34% of the million dollars? Would you always accuse me of just being defiant if I couldn't pay that amount? Would I spend the rest of my life in jail because of the false figures? Would you always assume that if I made a million dollars before (never did) that I could be framed with a million forever?

This reminds me of an experiment that a scientist performed. He brought a frog into a large room. He placed the frog behind a line on the floor. He then shouted, "jump frog jump", and stomped his foot behind the frog. Frightened, the frog jumped. The scientist analyzed the test and wrote down the evaluation, "frog with four legs jumps sixteen feet". He took the frog and cut one front leg off and placed it behind the line again. He shouted and again stomped his foot. The frog jumped. The scientist wrote down, "frog with three legs jumps eleven feet". He takes the frog again and cuts the other front leg off and places it behind the line. With the shout and stomp the frog jumps. On the paper gets written, "frog with two legs jumps eight feet". The scientist takes the frog and cuts one of the back legs off and places it behind the line. "Jump, frog, jump" and the stomp propels the frog forward in desperation. The scientist writes, "frog with one leg jumps two feet". He takes the frog and cuts the last leg off and places the body behind the line. He shouts as before and stomps but the frog doesn't move. He gets mad and shouts, yells, stomps his feet and claps his hands all at the same time. Exhausted he goes back to the paper and writes down, "frog with no legs goes deaf! It is funny only if it wasn't so true.

The Kenosha court system reminds me of that scientist. They won't look at the facts that they have destroyed the potential of the frog by cutting off his legs by false imprisoning it. How does the frog dare to defy the scientist orders by willfully insisting to go deaf? The frog is refusing to jump and refuses to listen so therefore is in contempt!!! We will throw the frog in jail until he leams how to jump when we tell him to. We will not tolerate his defiance, because that is all it is. You will leam how to jump when we tell you too. And no, we will not get into this no leg issue. That is something of the past and we won't mess with old baggage. From now on only forward is all we discuss, and now "JUMP!"

I hope you don't frame me now with being sick and demented which likes cutting off frog legs. I learned that in this court I have to clarify things like that to keep out of Crowbar Motel. However my push to the Federal Court is to present them with the proof that the Judges have continually refused to look at and correct the mistakes they have made. They insist on assumptions of income with no proof of history where I have done it.

So now please send me in writing at what dollar amount per hour this frog has to jump at. I will try to keep my ears open for your reply.

Your mutilated but loving frog,
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