Screwed Kenosha Style

The Cult that took my family
(Church of God Restoration)

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A reference of me - Former Church of God members doubt that resolutions about children would lead to serious reforms.

Canadian "cult" church loses in child beating case - staged photo ops and seemingly rehearsed interviews promoted by the Layne group in an apparent effort to influence public opinion and perhaps intimidate the judge.

"Savage Messiah" nothing new - The film tells the all too familiar story these days, about an archetypal charismatic cult leader victimizing women and children.

Former nun led "cult" - led by David Layne of California with branches in Canada, has also recently been charged with criminal child abuse. Parents were charged in the Layne group, but clearly they were following the dictates of their sect. They claim that corporal punishment is not only their parental prerogative, but also a religious right.

Apologetices Index - Daniel Layne, who has described himself as a prophet. Layne has an unhealthy, cultic of control over his followers.

CHURCH OF GOD REFORMATION MOVEMENT - unofficial web site!┬áIt is our goal to present this Movement of destiny and help it to spread the everlasting gospel around the world. May many souls be saved, sanctified and unified as we await the Second Coming of Christ and the arrival of His blessed Kingdom of peace and prosperity. Toward this end we humbly dedicate ourselves.  You can find a copy of their news-rag called the Gospel Trumpet

The Gospel Trumpet - Studies in the book of Revelation


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