Screwed Kenosha Style


is a family man. He is the male figure in a home of three children and his wife. He works on providing for them with a job as a barber. Once again in my mind, his downfall was when he had an affair. He became the father of another daughter. Child support started about five years ago. He claims he paid something like $10,000.00 so far.

His "affair woman" about three years ago lost her father and then inherited about 1.3 million dollars. Regardless of that Linery is required to continue to pay roughly $71 a week.

He forgot one court date. When he finally remembered it, he immediately called the courthouse to see if he could schedule a voluntary hearing. Judge Mary K. Wagner - Malloy had already put an absolute incarceration sentence on his files and a hearing was impossible to set up. She had hem arrested for a six month sentence. He is about $8,000 in arrears and if he wants to be back with his family he could bond out for $2,500.

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