Screwed Kenosha Style

This man wanted to stay anonymous so I will falsely call him Joe. This "Joe" was doing all his transactions with cash and didn't have a checkbook or any plastic cards. In most of the daily purchases in life it is great to pay cash. But the problem was when he had to send money through the mail.

He is the father of two children that he was paying support on. For a while things were fine sending the Agency or Child Support Trust Fund money orders. Then suddenly things changed and he was battling in court because he was accused that he wasn't paying. The Trust Fund claimed they were not receiving any money from him.

Commissioner Fitzgerald told "Joe" to get photo copies of the money orders before he mailed them which he did. The courts worked with him as long as he had the photo copies everytime he came to court. Then disaster struck when his case was turned over to Judge Mary K. Wagner. "Joe" had recently moved and lost a lot of his photo copies. So on April 22nd Judge Wagner ordered him to a six month sentence. He tried to appeal to her to check the court files to prove that he had been paying. She absolutely refused to look at any of that. When I was interviewing him, I asked him what arrogant statement, conduct or emotion stood out most about Judge Mary K. Wagner. His response I could relate to 100%. He said that she would cut him off so often. She wouldn't let him explain things. If anybody wants to see what he is talking about, I sure would love to show you my transcripts. I feel like putting my transcripts on this website. She did that numerous times to me. As soon as it appears that you are making a point she would cut you off.

Isn't a fair Judge suppose to listen to both sides, allowing both sides to explain themselves and then make a decision on what she heard? But I have felt the onslaught from her as if I was being interrogated. Often when trying to make a point you not only get cut off, but you get Screwed Kenosha

"Joe's" bond is set at $2000.00 if he wants to get out, plus a commitment of another $600 in 30 days.

"Joe" applied for Huber to be able to work doing delivery jobs. KCDC required for him to have proof of an occupational license and insurance for it. His parents spent money on acquiring all of that and turned all the proof and paperwork in KCDC had all of that on their desk or at least in their possession.

When "Joe's" boss called again, one of the officers of KCDC told him that he is obviously is not interested in the job, because he hasn't responded. "Joe" waited a while and then contacted the boss of why he hasn't been called for work yet. That is when the boss told him of what was told him and the job was gone now. It amazes me that there are so many nice guards and also nice judges, and then how he could get Screwed Kenosha in both areas. When he gets out, he might have to move back in with his parents since he is now destroyed by Judge Mary K. Wagner's decisions.

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