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Communism Served Within The American Courts

The American People would be offended to even consider that traits of Communism is running rampant in our American Judicial System. Let us consider of what victims of Communism experienced not many years ago. Often the authorities (K. G. B. 's ?) would barge into a house at night, arrest someone, and throw them in jail on false charges without a fair hearing. With just a false lead by an enemy the victim could be hauled away leaving his family behind without any help available from anyone. The friends or family of the arrested could only watch since there was no higher authority that could release their loved one. It was ridiculous to think of going to another K. G. B., since they were all in cahoots together.

Has the American Court System become much different then what Communism was fifty years ago? Today the Judges are like K. G. B. &quots in the area ofunaccountability. Let me explain by giving you examples. I know of a Judge that has done the following. As you read this consider if my comparison to Communism is not somewhat accurate.

This female Judge has said false information right in the court room, and then arrested me based on her false statement. Is that not slander? Upon one of my hearings, as I entered her court room from one door, she runs out another door. She had me simply arrested without even giving me the scheduled hearing. She has behind the scenes ordered or personally altered transcripts different then what was said in her court room. From my experience Judges do not obey or enforce State Statutes. Sometimes a victim has to aggressively &quotforce it down their throat" before they will accept the facts. In my court room experience, the State Statutes are not the facts.

This same Judge had ordered a man to pay a certain amount of money. He was shocked at the amount and asked her of how he was supposed to get that kind of money, and if he was supposed to rob a bank to get that much. She supposedly responded by telling him that she didn't care if he robbed a bank or put a gun to somebody's head, just get the money! She threatened a teenager that she should come out from her chair, walk down to him and kick his teeth down his throat. Isn't that a threat? She did walk down to a different teenager and belittled him into tears with her words and gestures. By 2:00 P.M. that day he was dead due to suicide, he hung himself!

Laws have been passed to allow her to call people names. She can call the victim a rectum, but they go to jail for contempt if they called her that. Does that not sound like K. G. B.? Laws have been passed to give Judges immunity. You can never hold her responsible for provoking the boy to commit suicide, or for anything else. She only has two authorities that can do something to her. One is the Judicial Commission, and the other the States Supreme Court. I thought there would be others so I contacted a lot of people.

I contacted the Governor. He responded by saying that he can't do anything but if I have a problem with a judge, go to the Judicial Commission. If I had trouble with an attorney, go to the Lawyers Regulations. I went to Washington D.C. and passed out a lot of material to the Senators and Representatives. None of thern responded except one. The only one that did was the State Representative for this JudgeWi strict. They sent the reply that it is not in their capacity to do anything and that I need to start the process at the local level at the State's Capitol.

I come back home to start that process. I sent a letter to each of the 99 assembly. I received two responses back. One of them said to take this problem to the Assemblyman for the Judge's district, The other apologized about how this government is established and that he has no power of what goes on in the court system. My only hope is to go back to the Judicial Commission. The U. S. Department of Justice said that the problem needs to be taken care of within the State. Take it to the Judicial Commission. The thirty-three State Senators, none of them responded that I remember.

Now the catch or the K. G. B. part of this whole thing! Laws have been passed to allow Judges to contribute money to whomever, even other elected officials. That is the very thing that this Judge did. Now if she donated money to her authorities that you are asking to &quotfire" her, what chances are there for that? There is no greater chance than a peasant of a Communist Nation to get rid of a K. G. B. Am I not right? As long as the Judge pays the &quotfiddler", they have become accountable to nobody. I have contacted the Judicial Commission and the State Supreme Court Judges and have not received a answer from them. Could it be because I put the money trail from the Judge to them on my website? It makes no difference except to prove that the traits of Communism is all over our court system. 1 have picked up my own Blue Book. I have sent letters to every organization listed in that book that could maybe have some power.

The discouraging thing is that they don't respond or point at a different organization or person that I have already contacted. The problem I see is that there must be somebody that doesn't know about this corruption. They might be working inside the organization but my letter never gets past the interceptor that has been bought by the Judge and therefore he can't investigate. In a situation like that the only way to get attention to this corruption is by picketing at the State Capitol and vicinity. Do you think that might work? Do you have any other good ideas? Please contact me if you do.

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