Screwed Kenosha Style

Class Action Lawsuit

If you have been screwed over by the Kenosha court system we invite you to join in a class action lawsuit currently being organized.

There are a few of us already starting to unite together with the same experievce. A lawsuit of this nature has several requirements. We all have to have a common thread. The main thread is Judge Wagner and usually with Ward for the Attorney. More identities could also be included like the Courts and City of Kenosha, GAL, and other Attorneys.

I want the State included since the Judicial Commission or the Lawyers Regulation didn't do anything about it. Several of us informed them about it several times and James Alexander or Kathy Hahn didn't see any reason to investigate. They them selves could be on that list.

Multiple victims with more in number are a greater assurance of success. If one dog barks up a treee, it might have made a mistake. It might have made a mistake. It might have seen a bird and thought it was a squirrel. However, if 20 or more dogs bark up at the same tree, there has got to be a corrupt and nasty creature up there.

Are you a victim of Wagner and Ward? Please contact me if you are or know somebody that is. The settlement is more sure if you join.

One more thing, since I am from Minnesota, some others from, Illinois, Kentucky, and North Carolina; it will automatically be in a Federal Court.

Are you suffering from a False Imprisonment complex and disorder and want to be paid for your trauma experience, please contact me.

There is one more difference between Circuit Court rules and Class action Lawsuit rules. Once a Class Action Lawsuit is filed there is NO "settling out of court" without the Federal Court approving the settlement or agreements.

I am sure there are a hundred of us. I alone personally would not qualify for a five million dollar lawsuit, but if there were a hundred of us, it would be very reasonable to get an average $50,000, Are you interested? Did the Kenosha Courts inflict financial and emotional trauma in your life?

Please contact me by sending an email today!


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