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Is it lawful or are my Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights being violated? If I have been violated against, do I have the civil right for a lawsuit and settlement?

From the beginning the Circuit Court has deceptively and wrongfully framed me with false calculations. They have wrongfully taken numbers from various incorrect places that is not compliant with the IRS. The Courts have framed me with an income of over twice of what it is by the accountant or IRS calculations. I have presented constantly the proofs of the errors for me past five years. The courts have always rejected, disregarded, and avoided the facts I presented. In not getting a fair trial or hearing, have they committed a Civil Rights Violation (CRV) against me?

Due to that false calculation the courts destroyed me into poverty. I persistently at every court hearing pleaded for recalculations. I am on my fifth Judge since four of them recuse d themselves from my case. None of them have ever given me the right of recalculation of which I am requesting. CRV?

With child support set with the false calculation of double my income, I plummeted into financial ruin. It started with my phone getting disconnected. After that I couldn't afford insurance including no car insurance, which was not required in Wisconsin. My business was destroyed because of the corruption in the courts.

In one of the transcripts in a hearing with Judge Mary K. Wagner, she ridiculed me with lies that I haven't paid anything toward my children. First, if the true calculations with the IRS approved figures, I would have been prepaid. Second, I had a large family and the two oldest were in my primary custody. To this day I have never received a penny for child support for them. Every day taking care of their needs, isn't that a contradiction to Wagner's accusation that I am not taking care of my children? Judge Wagner always shot me down when 1 tried bringing that up. One time early on I was given about five hours to come up with $5,000. or go to jail for six months. I sold my equipment to make that payment.

However, even after that Wagner said that I paid nothing. Like I mentioned already I would have been prepaid if the right IRS approved calculations would have been used. Within 22 months from the beginning I sit in Wagner's courtroom again. Even though I had paid $18,000 , she said that I was in contempt. Even according to their calculation I was only about $7,000 in the arrears. However, Judge Wagner states that 1 am $ 11,000 in the arrears and sentences me to six months in jail. Is that not slander and a Civil Rights Violation?

While in jail a friend of mine starts up a website for me- . I send a letter to Wagner informing her about it. After only serving three months, she releases me without checking out if I even have a job. Was that legal for her to do that? I immediately go to the Family Court Office and apply for a hearing to recalculate and consider the facts that are compliant with the IRS. I get scheduled to be in her courtroom two months later. On that day as I enter her courtroom, she flees and runs out the side door, depriving me of my scheduled hearing. CRV? Within minutes I was back in handcuffs going back to jail to finish my second three months of jail. When I finished my full six months of jail I was destroyed. Everything was repossessed, disconnected, or in collection. My credit score was 430.1 was homeless and not a single coin to call anybody. The jail released me at midnight just days before Thanksgiving of 2004. It was below freezing and I only had a thin shirt. After contacting a Policeman I was told that I could hang out in the Police Station's foyer area until daylight. I slept like a dog on the floor that night. I awoke when people started walking past me for that days activities in that building. Any CRV?

Most of 2005 I was too broke to apply for another hearing which requires fees. I did however keep sending letters to Wagner requesting my hearing that she cheated me out of and that I never received. CRV? It was then that I installed on my website some other private life issues. I believe she has a second DUI and yet has never served any time for it. In my transcripts she mentioned that we are a nation of laws which all of us must abide by. Why does she not abide by her own statement and serve her time like the common citizen would? Is that not a Civil Rights Violation against every citizen for a Judge not needing to face the Laws and Consequences like the common person? Isn't that discrimination? CRV?

After that I installed that on my website, Wagner recuses herself from off of my case. Two Commissioners recuse themselves also after that. In the Summer of 2006 I acquire enough money to pay again for the hearing I got cheated out of. My case was given to Judge Milisauskes which didn't want it either. He handled my case like a hot potato. He immediately states that it needs to be postponed to a later date. However before that hearing was dismissed, my ex's attorney Tom Anderson, Jr. said we need a GAL (children attorney). Those people are supposed to be appointed by the Judge. Instead Judge M. asks Tommy of who he would recommend. Tommy replied that Nicole Beddigs did a fine job last time and would want her again. Judge M. said then that that is who it is, Back in 2002 Nicole Beddigs opposed me excessively and was very bias and argumentative against me and my two boys. I stated that I didn't want her. Judge M. said I don't have that right. Tommy had the choice but I don't? CRV? I then mentioned that 1 want my children to be tested and evaluated for psychological damages. Once again Judge M. said that I dont have that right. Is any of that CRV?

Well, Judge Milisauskes reschedules the hearing for January 2007. This pushing to a later date has been going on for five years. Is that the definition for "due process" or is each postponed hearing a possible CRV? Is the pushing of months and years in advance all the time a tactic to wear the victim out? Is it because they know they screwed up and are buying time each time they push it off by a few months? CRV? So for January, after I sacrificed work, travel, motel expense, and time, I arrive for my scheduled hearing. It was not until then that I found out that there is no hearing. Judge M. after he rescheduled back in November, recuse d himself in December- The courts never notified me or scheduled another Judge to take his place. I went to Kenosha for nothing. CRV?

Judge schroeder was appointed as my next Judge. At my first hearing he seemed fair and that maybe things would be different and finally start to change. He elaborated on some issues that made me think that he would abide by the rules and statutes. He displayed a disgust toward the illegal private school activities that my children were in. He stated that my children needed to be tested, but then rescheduled for the full hearing a few months later. Upon arriving at court on July 19,20071 immediately realize things are different. First, the hearing is in the back private room just around a table. Then Judge S said that everything will be off record which means NO transcripts. Is his motive for no records a way to release himself from any liability of what he was going to tell me? CRV? Is there any law prohibiting me from bringing into the courtroom my own recording devise? Why should it be since every word is supposed to be in the transcripts, right? Or would it be a negative for them because I would have the proof that Wagner changes the transcripts by leaving things out?

So all I have from that hearing is what I remember. Nicole starts out by saying that the entire unresolved differences in this case is over personal preferences and things the children are used to like dress and activities that derives from religion. Because of that she rescues herself by saying that she doesn't need to comment on religious things. For that phrase to be said cost each party $200 for her service. Dismissal like that is a benefit for the Cult that myT^ is involved with but a negative situation for me. Isn't there any civil rights to protect me from bias GALs that are against me?

Then Judge Schroeder stated that if that is what this is all about then that he can't get into a religious dispute. He said there are so many religions out there and most of them very good and therefore not a harm to my children. 1 respond that there is no medicine or doctors used by the group, where many people have died in that system because of their beliefs. Also there is child abuse in their midst. I preceded in trying to give him several pages that I had brought with pictures on them of something that hit the public media. A family of this cult had obeyed the groups teachings on beating their children. Social workers got wind of it and it was true that the family disciplined according to their teachings but was considered abuse by the common person. Further details of teachings are on my website in child abuse section. The pictures were of social workers and the police ripping the children away from that home and put in foster care.

Judge Schroeder refused to take the pages I brought and silenced me with his gesture. CRV? He then just question me of what child abuse that I am talking about. I then mentioned how the pastor and his wife had beat my children with a large paddle that he had made. It resembled a breadboard with a handle on it. Judge Schroeder then elaborated on his school days and how he had to go down to the principals office. The principal had a sawed off golf club that he used for the trouble makers. Schroeder commented how it was applied to his back side and how the dust flew. However, he then said that of all the students that received that beating, nobody ever had any permanent damages because of that. Therefore he does not see anything wrong with anything that the Pastor or his wife did to my children or any other authorities striking children that are not their own.

I knew I was not getting responses in my way of thinking so I switched to a topic that he was angry at last time a few months ago. I then mentioned again about the illegal school. My ex every year signs papers with the State for homeschooling but instead the cult runs a private school without a certified teacher which is illegal. Instead of getting irate again the way he was last time, Schroeder just asked a few questions. It was then announced that my family will move to Ohio in the next few months to be in a school run by the cult but which they might have a certified teacher for. Judge Schroeder loved the news and was in favor with the move. Then he told me that I must move too if I want to be close to my children. I must quit tree cutting and find a different job in Ohio that pays a lot more. He claimed he had the power to force me to do that. Does he? CRV?

Next we somehow got on the topic that I had been a meat cutter at one time making ten dollars an hour. Schroeder then ridiculed me for under employing myself. He knew for a fact that Union meat cutters get way more then that. I have never gone to school for meat cutting. 1 cut meat off of bones and put them through the grinder to make hamburger. If I was ordered to cut a certain steak out of a half of beef, I could not do it. I dont know the cuts. Is it legal for him to frame me with his own assumptions of what he thinks I am trained with and then frame me with the pay that he heard that profession could make? Are there any civil rights to protect me from getting framed with a occupation or an income that I have never had?

After that I was threatened with jail again without looking at the very reason why I called the hearing. I am the one that requested this hearing to recalculate the false calculations that originated from back in 2002. Not once through these five years did the courts ever objectively consider to correct their mistake. That is what is on my Order to Show Cause sheet, but none of it was addressed. Why can the courts keep postponing the hearings and never address the issues I presented? He just postponed it now to September 13th for a half day hearing which I am sure will be against me. I might go to jail again because they will go by the established false calculations instead of considering the 1RS legal and accepted numbers. Why can they just disregard all the facts and frame me with false calculations and assumptions? CRV?

I have written letter from the courts banning me from giving or sending anything from off of my website. Is that legal for them to to that? I have a lot of the important and very relevant information of this case posted on the site. For them to ban me from giving then that information would they be denying me the freedom of speech or the freedom of the press? CRV?

Now a current situation. For my one and only week in the Summer this year, I chose the last full week in July. On July 22,2007,1 took my children to a Lumberjack Competition Show in Stillwater Minnesota. Before the performance began the audience was asked to stand for our respect to the flag and our National Anthem. The entire crowd stood up except for my five children that are part of this cult. They had been trained to display defiance against anything patriotic. They crossed their arms and remained defiantly sitting.

The GAL, Nicole Beddigs must approve of that since she calls things like that just minor personal preferences and things that the children are used to. It definitely does not have enough importance to her to even consider if any negative influence is in that cult. If the cult despises the very core of what the flag stands for, why should they reap the privileges and benefits of this Country? If the cult does oy not respect the flag, why should they be able to hide behind the freedom of religion since that is a freedom of this Country?

Judge Schroeder has the duty to decide of what is in the best interest of the child. If he decides that the children are best off with their mother and the cult for 29 days a month, he is indirectly saying that it is a good group that opposes and is defiant against the flag and this Country. It is OK for them to defiantly remain seated at our National Anthem. Do you agree with him?

In March of 2004, Judge Wagner said I was in contempt. I had the two oldest boys in my care which were 17 and 16 years of age at the time. Wagner stated that the boys were old enough to take care of themselves while I go to jail. When I was incarcerated. Randy, the oldest was forced to quit his Senior year of school and go a few hours a week to a alternative school. He needed to do that so that he would have enough work time so that he could support his younger brother and himself. Supporting two people at that age was forced upon him because of the wisdom of Wagner. Are there any Civil Rights Violations in that situation?

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